Enjoy Books Galore and So Much More at the Savannah Book Festival

Taking place Feb. 16-19, the Savannah Book Festival (SBF) is fast approaching. The four-day celebration of the written word is expected to draw approximately 10,000 literary lovers, providing exciting opportunities to engage with 51 eminent authors presenting 46 different titles.

The participating writers represent a wide variety of literary genres. Each featured author was identified through a meticulous selection process conducted by SBF’s author selection committee. Books are recommended by the public, the committee and publishers from major publishing houses, resulting in a diverse festival that appeals to many interests.

“We have mysteries, thrillers, memoirs, young adult authors, science fiction, literary works and more. . . The goal is to provide a variety of genres, fiction and nonfiction, that will deliver, what we hope is, something for everyone,” said Tara Setter, SBF Executive Director, in an email. 

Setter is looking forward to hearing from all of the featured writers this year, especially Jack Carr, author of “In the Blood,” who is delivering the festival’s opening address on Thursday, Feb. 16. Carr debuted at the 2019 festival with his first novel “The Terminal List.” 

“He went on to become a New York Times bestselling author, with Amazon Prime producing a limited TV series based on that first book, starring Chris Pratt. It is quite exciting to have Jack return to the festival,” said Setter.

Another author she’s highly anticipating is Pulitzer Prize winner David Maraniss who has penned several acclaimed biographies. Giving the closing address, he’ll present his latest work “Path Lit by Lightning, The Life of Jim Thorpe.” Setter is also excited to hear from true-crime author Dr. Benjamin Gilmer; and Ilyon Woo, who shares an astonishing true story of a couple escaping slavery in her book, “Master Slave Husband Wife.” 

In addition to author presentations and book signings, festival goers will have opportunities to engage in thoughtful conversations with community members. 

“As Abraham Lincoln said, ‘A capacity and taste for reading gives access to whatever has already been discovered by others,’ That joint discovery allows us to open up conversations about our differences and our similarities and how they all work together to build this world we live in and how to improve its arc. Rachel Young Fields, our Board President, has reflected that reading holds the keys to solved and unsolved problems and that coming together to exchange ideas and share a love for the written word contributes to the betterment of our community and society,” Setter expressed.

She encourages locals and tourists alike to come out and take full advantage of the wonderful opportunities the festival presents.

“This February, it will be difficult to beat the beautiful, historic downtown area, a book in your hand and sharing a conversation over an idea,” she stated. “It is a time to expand your horizons and enjoy the magic of getting lost in a book. The Savannah Book Festival brings together our community and visitors to celebrate the art of writing and the love of reading.”

Setter closed by acknowledging the nearly 200 volunteers who make the Savannah Book Festival possible. 

“If you see a board member or volunteer, please thank them for their efforts. The Savannah Book Festival does not exist without these amazing individuals,” she said.

Tickets are currently available online. For more information, visit savannahbookfestival.org/.