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The IntroFa-la-la-ha-ha
We meet again, my dear friend. I hope that your holiday season off to a spectacular start. So far, I don’t have any complaints. Christmastime in Savannah is always magical. And we’ve been fortunate to enjoy fairly mild weather so far. I mean we’re still in the 70s in December. That’s a special gift that’s unique to the South, I suppose. Anywho, this week’s lineup involves some practical tips, some funny people and some local biz. Here’s what we’ve got:
1. Enjoy side-splitting stand-up at these upcoming comedy shows.
2. Turn heads at the Christmas party with one of these local looks.
3. Here’s how to avoid packing on the pounds during the holiday season. 
4. Up your skincare game with these locally-made products
All the details are down below. TYSM for reading The Low!
— Chantel
The ShowGet Ready to LOL at these Local Comedy Shows
There’s never a bad time for a good laugh. If you love comedy, you’re in for a treat because this week leading into the weekend is filled with awesome opportunities to see top-tier comedic talents. Look forward to hilarity and hysterical humor at these upcoming shows. 
Adam Ferrara
Actor and comedian Adam Ferrara is making his Savannah debut Dec. 8-10 at District Live as a part of the Plant Riverside District and Big Comedy Network collaboration. Ferrara has been featured in Emmy-nominated FX drama “Rescue Me”, Showtime’s hit series “Nurse Jackie” and “Paul Blart: Mall Cop.” He co-hosted the critically acclaimed BBC sensation “Top Gear USA” and has appeared on numerous late night talk shows. Ferrara’s comedy album “It’s Scary in Here” debuted at #1 on iTunes, and he currently hosts his own self-titled podcast where he interviews guests in the entertainment industry. He will give five electric live performances at District Live. 
Tickets can be purchased online at plantriverside.com/
WOW: A Really Good Comedy Show
The Wormhole is a grungy gamer bar that’s known to host comedy shows on the regular. And on Dec. 9 at 8 p.m., they’ll host WOW: A Really Good Comedy Show. The aptly named show will feature really good comedy that’s sure to wow you, of course. But the performers are kept secret as a special surprise. It’ll be a mix of nationally-touring comics and local favorites, so you can expect a diverse array of talented performers who won’t disappoint. You can get your tickets online at Eventbrite
Brian T. Shirley
No stranger to Savannah, comedian Brian T. Shirley will be back in town to perform at The Savannah Comedy Revue on Saturday, Dec. 10 at 8 p.m. Shirley said the Hostess City is one of his favorite places to play, and he’s looking forward to bringing big laughs to the local community. He has appeared in “Mark of the Butterfly”, Amazon Prime’s “Oak on the Outside”, and “Real Housewives of Atlanta”. Shirley has also toured internationally, bringing his unique brand of comedy to Canada, The Bahamas and Japan. Tickets are available online at savannahcomedyrevue.com/.
Head to ToeShop Local for Your Holiday Looks
The holiday season is here, which means that there are plenty of fun festivities and outings to attend. Between holiday parties, evening galas, and photo ops with Santa Claus, you’ll definitely want to look your best as you hit Savannah’s streets during this most wonderful time of the year. Shop local for fresh, festive looks this holiday season. Here are a few fine finds that’ll have you looking cool during Christmastime.
A Jolly Tee
It’s not uncommon for Savannah to enjoy sunny days in the 70s well into December. That’s why you might want to skip out on Christmas sweaters and opt for a breezy tee. This Here to Sleigh Tee from Red Clover is the perfect shirt to keep you looking and feeling cool during the holiday season.
Glitter and Gold
For holiday evening wear that’ll make you shine like the North Star, go for a glittery golden dress from Morgan Rae Boutique. This one shoulder bodycon number is sure to turn heads at a holiday party. And the Rose Gold Shimmer Dress is another beautiful option that’s a bit more subtle and forgiving. 
For the Banana Fans
If you must have a Christmas sweater in your collection for the holidays, consider getting one from our sensational Savannah Bananas. Their Bananas Ugly Christmas Sweater really isn’t all that ugly, and its unique color combination will make you stand out in a sea of red and green.
For the Kiddos
You definitely can’t forget about the little ones. Consider shopping for adorable kids’ clothing from Sara Jane Children’s Boutique. This reversible Santa Claus Jumper is precious and perfect for the holidays, and really anytime of year once you flip it to the other side. And check out this cute ruffle Christmas Set too.
The FlowHow to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain
For many, the holidays tend to come with the unfortunate side effect of unwanted weight gain. Oftentimes, holiday gatherings are centered around food, with an abundance of starchy,  fatty and sugary options. Despite this reality, there are things you can do to prevent holiday weight gain. Here are a few tips to help you stay healthy during the holidays. 
Stay active. 
The holiday season tends to be very food-centric, especially in the South, so now is not the time to slack off on your fitness routine. Continue to work out at least three times a week. You don’t have to do anything too strenuous; a daily walk can suffice. Just be sure to stay consistent with regular exercise before, during and after the holidays. 
Be mindful of what you’re eating. 
From Thanksgiving to New Year’s and every observance in between, eating is a big part of holiday celebrations. In addition to hearty meals, there are all sorts of sweet treats to tempt you during this time of year – think holiday pies, Christmas cookies and the like. Make an extra effort to be mindful of what you’re eating during the holidays so you can avoid overindulgence. Reduce distractions while eating and chew slowly and thoroughly with every bite. You’ll find yourself feeling full sooner than when you scarf down a plate absent-mindedly. 
Control portion size.
During the holidays it’s not uncommon to fill your plate and go back for seconds before rounding out your meal with dessert. It goes without saying that this practice isn’t exactly ideal for avoiding holiday weight gain. Instead of piling on the plate (and the pounds), be cognizant of your portion size. If you struggle with controlling portions, use a smaller plate to limit space for food. Remember that the average stomach is about the side of a fist, so you really don’t need a whole lot of food to satisfy your hunger. 
Rethink your drinks. 
Warm ciders, hot chocolate, creamy eggnog and copious amounts of alcohol are some defining drinks of the holiday season. Avoid drinking your calories by choosing water more often than not. Limiting consumption of sugary drinks and alcohol can go a long way when it comes to maintaining a healthy diet during the holidays. 
Choose healthy snacks. 
Save the cookies for Santa and instead go for fresh fruit, nutritious nuts or low-calorie yogurt when you’re feeling a little peckish. Be mindful of your snacking and make sure you’re not reaching for a snack simply because it’s there. Don’t get in the habit of snacking when you aren’t actually hungry.
The GlowGlow Up with Local Skincare Products
Christmas lights shouldn’t be the only thing glowing nowadays. Get glowy skin with rejuvenating skincare products made and sold right here in the Hostess City. Here are three local companies that sell stellar skincare lines that you’ll definitely want to try. 
Savannah Bee Company
For lovers of natural beauty products, we recommend Savannah Bee Company. The good folks at Savannah Bee Co. are firm believers that true beauty comes from nature. All of their products are free from artificial scents, flavors or parabens, and they never test on animals, so you can feel good about shopping with Savannah Bee Co. Their skincare collection includes a gentle charcoal cleanser and a night-time rejuvenation treatment. They also offer a Best of Beauty Gift Set that would make a great Christmas present for the skincare junkie on your list. 
Nourish is a family-owned small business that also prides itself on its naturally-derived beauty products. They offer a variety of natural bath products for the whole body, but they also have several skincare products for the face. They offer facial bars and cleansers, toners and moisturizers as well as lip balms and tints. They even have accessories like loofah disks and Caribbean silk facial sponges to augment your skincare routine
Sapelo Skin Care
Sapelo Skin Care is a luxury skincare company that combines Southern-inspired ingredients and science to create products that deliver nourishment and hydration for healthy skin. Their boutique line of products restore the skin as they are formulated with high-quality botanicals. They offer serums, masks, cleansers, mists and more to promote a youthful and beautiful appearance.
Hand-Picked Promo
    •  Ice skating in the Hostess City is officially back thanks to the City of Savannah and our beloved Ghost Pirates. Now through May, you can enjoy ice skating at the Savannah Civic Center. •  The Christmas Festival at Trustees’ Garden is fast approaching. Get your tickets today to enjoy a winter wonderland complete with 60 tons of snow! •  Wondering what to do with the kiddos once winter break starts? Check out this fun video on the best kid-friendly things to do around town.
Written by Chantel Britton
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