Think Claus-itive

Welcome back! I sincerely hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving, and that you didn’t spend the better part of the holiday weekend in a food coma like me. With turkey day behind us, we can celebrate the official start of the holiday season, and I’ve got some sweet Christmastime stories in store for you. This week, we’re back to our regularly scheduled programming with all the interesting intel that you’ve come to expect by now. So, let’s get into it:

1. Press your luck! The lottery for one of Savannah’s top-tier schools is open now.

2. Thompson Savannah’s Miracle Bar Pop-Up has all the spirits to get you in the spirit!

3. Here’s your ultimate guide to holiday happenings in Savannah. 

4. Hostess City History is back with a feature on this iconic church.

5. Large and in charge or chill, what kind of leader are you?

Details follow down below, and thanks again for reading The Low!

— Chantel