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1. Wag-o-Ween is this weekend.
3. October is also National Apple Month.
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In the KnowWag-o-Ween is On Its Way!
Ghastly greetings! Wag-o-Weekend is almost here, meaning that your four-legged friend’s favorite Halloween event is happening soon. The organizers kicked off the spooky season with a special wine tasting last week to gear up for the main event. And we’re happy to announce that Wag-o-Ween is this weekend. Now in its 17th year, the pet-centric event will take place Oct. 22 and 23 throughout Savannah’s historic downtown and the Starland District. 
Wag-o-Ween attracts more than 2,000 participants each year, providing pets and their humans with a fun opportunity to don their Halloween costumes and receive treats and goodies from more than 150 local businesses. In addition to the trick-or-treating, there will also be a raffle,  costume contest, photography stations and more. And you can look forward to fun wiener races at Pulaski Square during the weekend as well. 
Wag-o-Ween is one of Savannah’s most beloved fundraisers, and the proceeds will help support local animal rescues, community spay and neuter programs, and community educational programs. Tickets are just $10 and they include a wristband, doggy treat bags, and a trick-or-treat map directing you to all the participating businesses around town. You’ll need one ticket per pooch. So get your tickets, coordinate your costumes and prepare to have a blast!
Learn and GrowIt’s Adopt a Shelter Dog Month
ICYDK, October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month. It was first celebrated in 1981 and continues today as an effort to help millions of animals in shelters find loving forever homes. Dogs are affectionate, loyal, and energetic, and for many, they’re the perfect addition to the family. If you’re a dog lover wanting to introduce a new best friend into your life, consider adopting a precious pooch from a local animal shelter. There are several animal rescue organizations here in Savannah with plenty of furry friends waiting to meet you. If you have extra love to give, a shelter dog can be the perfect outlet, providing cuddles and companionship for years on end. 
Savannah is home to quite a few animal shelters that are full of pets who are in need of a permanent caregiver and home. Instead of going with a breeder, find your four-legged friend at a local rescue organization. If you’re wondering where to go, here’s a brief list of local shelters and rescue organizations with lots of loving dogs awaiting adoption. 
One Love Animal Rescue
One Love Animal Rescue is a nonprofit organization that helps abandoned, neglected, and unwanted pets by partnering with shelters, rescue groups and community members to place them in permanent, loving homes. They have an adoption process, including health care, to help you find the right shelter dog for you. It all starts by perusing their animal gallery. Check it out to see if any of their animals catch your eye. 
Save-A-Life, Inc.
For more than 50 years, Save-A-Life, Inc. has been working to prevent animal overpopulation through low-cost spaying and neutering. They also provide foster care, medical treatment, and a placement assistance program. You can view adoptable pets online and meet some of them on Saturdays at Petsmart on Abercorn.
Humane Society of Greater Savannah
Last year, the Humane Society of Greater Savannah helped more than 2,600 pets find their forever homes, saving 99% of all animals in their care. They have several shelter dogs available for adoption, and they also provide a variety of services to help local pets and their owners. 
Renegade Paws Rescue
Renegade Paws Rescue is a relatively new nonprofit  organization that is committed to providing compassionate, comprehensive care to unwanted, neglected or injured dogs throughout the Coastal Empire. They have plenty of pooches available for adoption, and they can help match you with the right dog for your home. 
Coastal Pet Rescue
Since 2003, Coastal Pet Rescue has been dedicated to saving the lives of homeless, abused and neglected dogs and cats in Chatham, Bryan and Effingham counties. They have a foster home program and a small capacity shelter called Camp Pawsawhile Retreat. Coastal Pet Rescue has lots of pets awaiting adoption, and they’re ready to assist you in finding a good fit for your family and lifestyle. 
Chatham County Animal Services
Chatham County Animal Services is the local government arm dedicated to animal welfare and associated services. They have a variety of pets ready for their forever home. You can view available dogs online, fill out an application, and set up an appointment to visit the shelter. 
If you’re in the market for a new companion, consider adopting a shelter dog from any of these local organizations. You’ll be doing a good deed and enriching the life of a pet in need.
Can’t Say NoNational Apple Month: Appetizing Apple Eats Available Around Town
In addition to being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, the start of the spooky season, and Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, October is also National Apple Month. What started out as a week-long celebration in 1904 has blossomed into a month-long observance dedicated to appreciating the amazing apple. This crisp, sweet fruit has been a staple of American cuisine since it was first introduced by Johnny Appleseed back in the 19th century. Today, apples are enjoyed in lots of delicious dishes, drinks and desserts. Celebrate National Apple Month by enjoying these appetizing apple eats awaiting you in local restaurants. 
Green Truck Pub: Chicken & Apples
Green Truck Pub is a Habersham St. restaurant known primarily for its flavorful, grass-fed burgers. They also have an awesome array of satisfying sandwiches to choose from. The Chicken & Apples is a crowd pleaser pairing humane-certified grilled chicken breast with thinly sliced apple. It’s a juicy handheld with savory and sweet in each bite. 
Treylor Park Hitch: Grilled Apple Pie w/ Chicken
Situated on Drayton St. near Savannah’s most iconic cathedral, you’ll find Treylor Park Hitch, which is one of a few local eateries under the Treylor Park restaurant group. They have a mouthwatering sandwich called the Grilled Apple Pie w/ Chicken. It combines cheddar cheese, cinnamon roasted apples, crispy applewood bacon and fried chicken into a delicious harmony of fantastic flavor. 
Pie Society: Pork & Apple Pie
British Pie Company, Pie Society offers a few fine choices featuring the beloved apple. They have a tasty Pork & Apple Pie as well as a traditional American Apple Pie and a fruity Apple & Mixed Berry Pie. Whether you’re going for something salted or sweet, you’ll be very satisfied with the apple options at Pie Society. 
Sam Snead’s: Apple Almond Chicken Salad
Sam Snead’s Oak Grill and Tavern also has a delightful apple dish on the menu. Give the Apple Almond Chicken Salad a try. Perfect for fall, the salad features mixed greens topped with diced apples, grilled shaved chicken, feta, almonds and fried wontons. It’s tossed in a light grapefruit vinaigrette, delivering sweet and tangy flavors along with a lot of great textures.
If you’re an apple aficionado, consider trying these delectable dishes. They’re definitely recommended during National Apple Month or anytime of year.
The Dough5 Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
Your credit score can determine a whole lot about your life. It can dictate how much you pay on your car. It can affect your ability to get life insurance. It can even be the deciding factor in where you live. Since your credit score has such a large impact on your life, it’s important to do everything you can to build good credit. If you’re struggling with a low credit score, this one’s for you. And if you already have good credit (lucky you), then the tips covered in this article will help keep you on track. Keep in mind that there’s no quick fix that will boost your credit score significantly overnight. But building good habits will improve your creditworthiness as long as you remain consistent. Alright, let’s dive into these trusted tips that will help you improve your credit score. 
1. Review your credit.
Before you can start working to improve your credit score, you need to find out where you stand. Visit AnnualCreditReport.com to receive a free copy of your credit report once a year. Review the report to find out what’s helping or hurting your score. You can also use a free credit-monitoring tool, like Credit Karma or CreditWise from Capital One, to keep track of your credit score more regularly. 
2. Pay bills on time.
This one is pretty much a no-brainer, but for the sake of being thorough, allow me to encourage you to pay your bills on time. Installment loans —  like mortgage, student or auto loans — and revolving credit, i.e. credit cards, are types of debt that can appear on your credit report. So, to build credit and improve your score, be sure to make these payments on time every time. If you can swing it, set up automatic payments. Or, at the very least, set up reminders to help you keep track of due dates so you can avoid late payments. 
3. Handle delinquent accounts.
There are all kinds of reasons why you might get behind on your bills. Medical emergencies. Job lay-offs. Inflation. Whatever the reason, delinquent accounts can negatively impact your credit score. Catching up on them can help quite a bit. Do your best to get caught up on past due payments, and then create a plan or a budget to help you make future payments on time. If you’re in collections, figure out if paying accounts in full or offering a settlement is the best course of action. You may need the assistance of a credit counselor who can help you with a debt management plan. 
4. Avoid using too much available credit.
Your credit utilization rate is the sum of your balances on all of your revolving accounts divided by the sum of your cards’ credit limits. In other words, it’s the percentage of total available credit that you’re using. You want this rate to be as low as possible. People with perfect credit scores have a rate of about 7%. That might not be doable for you just yet, but aim to keep your rate below 30%, which is what the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recommends. Doing so will let creditors know that you’re managing your credit responsibly.  
5. Keep old accounts open.
Paying off a credit card can be a big relief. But rather than paying it off and closing the account, it’s better to leave it open with a zero balance. Age-of-credit is an important factor in your credit score. Having an older average credit age will help you appeal to lenders because it can demonstrate a history of timely payments and a good track record of responsibility. 
Again, these tips won’t cause your score to shoot up instantly, but they will help you improve your credit score over time. Remain diligent and commit to your financial goals. You’ll see the fruits of your efforts soon enough.
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Written by Chantel Britton
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