Hostess City History: The Olympic Yachting Cauldron

On the River St. waterfront in Morrell Park not far from the Waving Girl, you’ll find the Olympic Yachting Cauldron. Also known as the Olympic Torch Sculpture, the work of art is a monument to Savannah’s role in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games. The games were hosted in Atlanta, but the official Olympic yachting events took place near Savannah. 

Georgia artist Ivan Bailey designed the sculpture, which was erected in 1996 shortly before the games. The cauldron was lit with the original Olympic flame all the way from Olympia, Greece. 

About 100,000 people came out in the summer of 1996 to watch the torch relay and cauldron lighting. The flame made its way through the Historic District to Daffin Park, Forsyth Park and finally to River St. 

The Olympic Yachting Cauldron continues to stand today as a legacy to the Olympic spirit. The sculpture features five columns representing the five Olympic rings. The sculpted copper flame is framed by sails, paying tribute to the sailboats that participated in the summer yachting events. 

The next time you’re on River Street’s east end, be sure to check out the Olympic Yachting Cauldron. Remember its special history and celebrate what it means for Savannah. If you take a picture with the sculpture, tag us on social media at @getthelow. We’d love to see it.