Be Fresh-Faced this Fall with these Seasonal Skincare Tips

Fall is a favorite time of the year, bringing in beautiful amber leaves, fun festivals and the holiday season. It also means cooler weather, which can have a dramatic effect on your skin. The fall comes with colder temperatures and a rise in indoor heating, both of which can dry out the skin significantly. If you want to keep your skin looking good and glowy this season, you’re going to have to adjust your skincare routine a little. Here are some helpful tips to improve your skincare game this season. 

1. Use an oil-based moisturizer daily. 

Fall is generally less humid than the summer, which is a great relief here in Savannah. But that means the drier air can strip away your skin’s natural moisture. Replenish that moisture daily with an oil-based moisturizer, which will help your skin retain hydration better than water-based products. 

2. Avoid hot water

There’s nothing like a nice long, hot shower, or better yet, a spell spent soaking in the tub. These are revered self-care pastimes, but beware. Hot water can dry out your skin. Instead, opt for lukewarm water for your showers and baths, and be sure to moisturize immediately after to lock in some much needed hydration. 

3. Exfoliate.

As your skin dries out, it can become rough because dead skin cells are building up. Exfoliate with a light scrub or mask regularly to reveal softer, brighter skin. And once you’re done, follow up with a moisturizer. 

4. Continue to use a daily SPF.

You may think that cooler days mean you don’t need protection from the sun. Not true. The sun remains intense throughout the entire year, so you’ll need to protect against UV rays year-round. 

Be sure to hydrate from the inside out by continuing to drink enough water everyday, and maintain a healthy diet. Doing those things alone will take you pretty far when it comes to your skin. Keep these helpful tips in mind as you enjoy the awesomeness of autumn. Your skin will surely thank you.