Hustle and Flow: Get in the Zone at VEL, Savannah’s New Work Cafe

On Sept. 15, new work cafe VEL opened its doors to the public. The space is cozy and chic with orange accents, a full cafe, privacy pods, and ergonomic nest seating. Founder and CEO Mo Hamzian calls VEL “the lovechild of Starbucks and WeWork.” It’s an apt description, since VEL is equal parts coffee shop and coworking space, ready to accommodate anyone interested in a hot cup of joe and a safe place to get $#!T done. 

Hamzian presents VEL as an extreme coffee shop, providing much more than your average cafe: 

“If every other coffee shop is the iPhone, what would GoPro build? What would an extreme version of a coffee shop look like? So, we went from the ground up, thinking about behavioral sciences, acoustics, and a really steadfast commitment to product to produce a next-generation work cafe.”

Every aspect of VEL has been meticulously crafted through a thorough and thoughtful process that considered everything that a potential customer could need. Great coffee and tasty treats? Check. Optimized seating to suit individual needs? Check. Soundproof pods for those needing a little more privacy? Check. Fast, reliable, secure and private wifi? Check. They’ve even got a cool coffee robot named Iris who’s ready to serve you at a moment’s notice. 

VEL is available on a walk-in basis, which is perfect for casual customers who just want to enjoy the coffee shop. But for those who want to use VEL as a workspace on the regular, there’s a subscription option available for $10 a month, which comes with access to the Work At VEL app, through which you can book your nest seat or pod in advance. 

With freelancers and remote workers in mind, VEL serves as a workspace that complements the home office. Homes are often rife with distractions and may lack the infrastructure and hardware needed to get the job done. When you find yourself in need of a better suited space for an hour or two, you can turn to VEL. It’s specifically designed to help you get into that flowstate, which is that hyper-focused zone when you’re at peak productivity: 

“Flow is very individual, and it’s very difficult to get there. VEL helps you get in flow . . . [by giving] you on-demand privacy, which is very dependable and safe. Also, good lighting, great acoustics, white noise speakers and sound muffling.” 

VEL is a highly-optimized space where workers can thrive, and Hamzian is proud to have opened VEL’s flagship location in Savannah: 

“I love Savannah. . . because it has so much heritage. Savannahians are eccentric and hugely forward-minded. Savannah has SCAD, which means the arts are important to Savannah. And we have the right product and the right landlord in Savannah, so it made sense for us to start here.”

Other VEL locations are coming soon to Charlotte, Nashville and Charleston. In the meantime, he encourages the community to visit VEL and see what it’s all about:

“We care tremendously about your productivity, and . . . we want to help you achieve twice as much in half the time. Optimizing your work experience is our quest, and delegating it is something we’d like you to do.” 

VEL is located at 1508 Bull St. Find some time to swing by and enjoy a coffee and check them out. Tell them The Low sent ‘ya.