Three Reasons Why You Might Need Cannabis (and where to get it)

People turn to cannabis products for all sorts of reasons. It’s not just about getting high and goofing off. For many people, cannabis products help them in a variety of impactful ways, allowing them to live healthy, happy and well-balanced lives. Growing evidence suggests that cannabis products are beneficial for quite a few ailments and conditions, and you might one day find yourself in need of the herb. Let’s remove some of the stigma surrounding cannabis products and cover some of the reasons you might need them. 

Reason 1: Pain Relief

Lots of people deal with chronic pain, and some studies have shown that CBD and THC may be useful for pain management. Cannabis products have been used to treat pain for centuries, and they have helped provide relief to people struggling with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, arthritis and other painful conditions. 

Reason 2: Anxiety

Anxiety is the most common mental health condition, and there are ever-present stressors in modern life that make people anxious. Fortunately, there is some evidence to suggest that cannabis products, particularly CBD, can be effective in reducing anxiety levels. There’s also evidence in favor of using CBD for other mental health conditions like depression, PTSD and more. 

Reason 3: Insomnia

Somewhere between thirty and sixty percent of the adult population struggles to get adequate sleep. Insomnia is a very common sleep disorder, and sleep aids are a nearly $100 billion dollar industry. When sleeping pills just don’t cut it, some turn to cannabis products. CBD calms the nervous system, which in turn, can help people to get more quality rest. Though research on CBD and sleep is preliminary, the results so far are promising. 

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