Relish Reimagined Retro Recipes on the Rooftop at Peregrin

Sometimes we long for a simpler time, hearkening back to the days of yore when life was good — you know, when you didn’t have to worry about pandemics, inflation or global warming. How we desperately wish to once again experience those days that seem so long ago. Well fortunately Peregrin is inviting you to turn back time with their Throwback Thursdays.

Every Thursday between now and Sept. 15, Peregrin is taking you all the way back to the 90’s and Y2K with totally tubular food and drink specials that definitely deliver on both flavor and nostalgia. 

Enjoy a refreshing cocktail overlooking downtown Savannah and let the flavors transport you to the days where low-rise jeans and frosted tips reigned supreme. Drink specials include Frozen Cherry Coke, Sunny D, Blue Bug Juice, Capri Sun and Ecto Cooler. These inventive cocktails will remind you of the past while delivering forward-thinking flavor. 

In addition to the delicious dated drinks, you can enjoy elevated renditions of popular snack foods from the past. Options include Hot Pockets, The Eggo, The Lunchable, The Bagel Bite, Dunkaroos and Toaster Strudel. These retro plates are reimagined with fresh ingredients, putting a modern twist on these childhood classics. 

Dope food and drinks aren’t ‘all that’ Peregrin’s Throwback Thursdays have to offer. There’s also a sweet social media contest happening. The sizable Toaster Strudel comes with its own piping bag for the Artsy Icing contest. Entering the contest is easy. Get creative and draw on your Strudel, then share an in-feed photo of your art on Instagram. And be sure to tag and follow the bar @Peregrin. You have until Sept. 15 to enter. 

The Peregrin team will limit submissions to three finalists, and then you can vote for your fave on IG between Sept. 22 – 29. The winner will be announced on Oct. 30. The prize is a throwback package including a Tomagotchi, a Bop It, a bucket hat with the Peregrin logo, a RetroViewfinder with a custom Peregrin Slide, Capri Sun, Dunkaroos, Bubble Gum Tape and a $50 Peregrin gift card. With a winning package like this, you’ll definitely be the shiznit to all of your peeps.  So, don’t wait, go back in time with Peregrin in the near future!