Get Ready to Rage at Savannah Smithereens

Are you stressed out? Frustrated? Just need to let off some steam? The perfect opportunity is just days away. On Aug. 19 at noon, Savannah Smithereens will open its doors, inviting the public to let it all out in their rage rooms. 

What’s a rage room, you ask? According to owner Tiffany Noell, it’s a place “where people go to break stuff for fun to release their frustrations.” That’s right! Rage rooms, also known as smash rooms, are places where you can have a full on conniption fit, destroying everything in sight safely, of course. Guests have to wear protective gear including a full-body suit and a face guard. But yeah, it’s pretty straightforward. You get to go medieval in a safe, fun and inclusive environment. 

Breakables include dishware, liquor bottles, wine and beer bottles, old electronics and other materials. These items are sourced from local businesses like the Salvation Army, Bootleggers in Pooler and Spanky’s, keeping them out of landfills in support of Savannah Smithereens’ eco-friendly agenda. They also take personal donations as well. Once the items are destroyed, Savannah Smithereens partners with local artists to create art pieces and jewelry from the fragments, ensuring they don’t end up in landfills. 

Savannah Smithereens welcomes anyone in need of some serious stress relief to come out and give their rage rooms a try. Whether you’re venting frustrations, celebrating a momentous occasion, team-building with coworkers or having fun with friends, Savannah Smithereens is an exciting, healthy outlet for recreational rage. Be sure to give it a try, and let them know The Low sent ya.